Saturday, May 15, 2010

SimCity 2000

I'm planning to create a new city in SimCity 2000 but this city will be different than most cities. It will be the un-city ... the anti-city.

The city will have NONE of the optional stuff.

  • schools, colleges, libraries, museums
  • police, fire stations, hospitals, prisons
  • parks, zoos, stadiums, marinas
  • water pumps, towers, treatments, desalination
  • acros, mayor house, llama dome, city hall
I will fund 0% of Police, Fire, Health and Welfare and Education. Transportation will get 100% funding. Taxes will be maxed at 20%.

For city ordinances I will will only select the Finance ordinances.

  • 1% Sales Tax
  • 1% Income Tax
  • Legalize Gambling
  • Parking Fines

There will be no ordinances for Education, Safety & Health, Promotional or Other.

It will also have no power lines. It will be powered by strategically placed wind power and nothing else.

It will be a bare-bones city with just the following

  • wind power
  • zones
  • transportation

It will have both dense and light zones for residential, commercial and industrial. It will have every possible form of transportation. It will use every possible bridge type.

It will not have ...

  • airport
  • seaport
  • connections to neighbors
  • military base

I will start with a terrain of 100% mountains, 0% water and 0% trees. I will lower the water table down as far down as it goes (no ocean possible) then up one. It will start with no river and no coast.

I will start on Easy ($20,000) in the year 2050.

The forms of transportation it will use are streets, highways, street tunnels, subway tunnels, rail tunnels, bridges, rail and buses. Roads, subway tunnels and rail will be as twisted as possible. No straight lines. No patterns. It will also feature every bridge type.

I will build no water pipes, water pumps, water towers, water treatment or water desalination plants. It's going to be a dry city. The sims will just have to go thirsty. I will not add any water or trees.

I'm going to attempt this city with no cheats. I'm also going to screen-capture the city as I build it to create a time-laps video to upload to YouTube.

I haven't named the city yet but I'm sure it will name itself. As I build it, a name will emerge.

To get inspiration, I've been studying every city I can find which is over 1000 cities. The idea for this city came when I saw the city Newark.

It is one of the ugliest cities I've ever seen with high crime, pollution and half the buildings abandoned. It's a total slum and I love it (download).

Most people try for happy, shiny cities like this one (download).

Newark is the anti-city and it's very much reminiscent of the real Newark, NJ. I'm not trying to base my city on a real city. I just hit upon the idea of creating a profitable city that is high in crime, pollution, unemployment and low in value, education and health. A city with none of the usual elements people put in their city. Maybe I should call it "bare bones".

When I'm done, I'll post the city here along with a link to the YouTube time-laps build video.

I'm building the city using SimCity 2000 for Windows 95. I'm using Windows Vista on a fast Dual Pentium PC.

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