Monday, January 17, 2011

Mel Gibson rants on Facade

Facade is a one-act interactive drama. You are invited to visit Trip and Grace but you soon learn they are having marital problems. Can you help save their marriage? Every time you play it, it's different, even if you say and do the same thing. If you are rude, you will probably get thrown out. Don't mention the word "melon". They are offended and get angry probably because they interpret it as slang for "breast" even if the context is "Can I have some melon juice?" Does Grace leave Trip or vice-versa? Are you asked to leave? It's very interesting to try to try different thing.

About 90% of the videos on YouTube end with you getting thrown out. People just love to insult Grace and Trip and watch their reaction.

I got this funny idea to only use quotes from Mel Gibson rants. I downloaded a few MP3s of his rants and transcribed them then selected the quotes I thought I could use. Then I organized them into sections like Hello, Insult, Art, Therapy so I could more easily find the quotes that were related to what's happening since I have to reply in real time. I did several test runs to refine how the quotes were organized. I probably played over 20 games before I finally got a scene that I was happy with. I was only planning on one video but my drama lasted 35 minutes and YouTube videos are limited to 15 minutes. So I changed my plan to release it as a series of 6 episodes short episodes.

I saved out the individual sound bites from the MP3 rants and removed the obscene words. My story is extremely long compared to the average story which usually lasts about 5 or 10 minutes. Trip and Grace were quite confused by my comments.

All 6 episodes are from a single take on Facade using quotes and sound-bites from Mel Gibson rants with his then girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. All obscenities have been removed. Lucky for me, Mel is one of the names you can choose in Facade.

I downloaded Facade at

I downloaded the 3 Mel Gibson rants at Rapid Share

Rant 1
Rant 2
Rant 3

This is episode 1 of 6 for Mel Gibson visits Facade.

I won't tell you the outcome. You'll have to wait until episode 6 but I can tell you it's very unique as far as videos I've seen on YouTube. I have not seen another YouTube video with this outcome.

I used Fraps to record the video, Dexster to edit the audio and PowerDirector to combine audio and video and upload to YouTube.